Personalized Smore Station Laser It VA

Personalized Smore Station

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Do you love camping as much as we do? We so excited to offer our  beautiful personalized s'mores station. This set will make the perfect gift for any family member, friend or loved one.

This set comes with a beautiful engraved bamboo cutting board measuring 13.75 X 9.75" with a cut out on one side to help hold it.  We normally engrave so the handle is on the right but you can request it to be on the left.  If it isn't noted we will put it on the right. 

This set comes with 2 telescoping personalized roasting sticks.  You can pick your color but it is not guaranteed.   If you don't care about the color please choose male or female so we can pick out a color. 

Marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers are not included in this set